The Cailleach is calling...

The Cailleach is calling. She is often referred to as the Hag, the Crone, the Wise Woman. Her energy is deeply rooted in this time of year.

I love the Samhain time. The energy of this dark time can be intense and uncomfortable but it is always a time of growth and change. I was recently in Ireland and the Autumn energy was filled with the coming of Samhain and the call of the Cailleach.


Samhain is the end and the beginning of the Celtic year. For centuries it has been seen as a time of letting go, releasing into the past what is no longer needed and moving forward toward winter with seeds planted, taking root, and ready for reflection, to be born again in Spring .

Samhain is also commonly seen as a time where the veils are thin between worlds. Memories of loved ones are ever present as we remember our beloveds that have gone before us to the spirit world.

There is also a belief that the fairy folk are near and ready to have fun, and sometimes mischief making with the human ones. Cailleach is very near at Samhain time.

A couple weeks ago when I was in Glendalough the Cailleach was strongly present. She spoke through my friend Rosaleen as she rocked in a chair by the fire at the hermitage. I have felt the fire and fierceness of the Cailleach and the wisdom ever since. She is unwilling to tolerate the hatred in the world and the repression of the feminine. She is calling us to bring forth the wisdom and power of the feminine. She still remembers being tortured and burned for her wise ways.

And right now in 2018, in this chaotic and challenging world, the Cailleach is pissed.

I am feeling the call to spend the winter with her. To set aside wide expanses of time to really listen to the wise medicine she offers. I will listen to her call to action. I will be bringing it to everything I do.

Right now the veils are thin, the spirit world is ready to advise us as we take up the cloak of spiritual warriors. The questions is am I ready to listen? Are you ready?

Are we ready to be transformed by the Cailleach?

Are we ready to take action in this world so in need of love and ancient wisdom?

I am ready. I hope you will join me.