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photographer Sam Ortiz Photography

photographer Sam Ortiz Photography

Planting Your WOrd

March 2019

You are invited to spend an afternoon exploring the ways the word you chose for 2019 is showing up as Spring approaches. We will play with divination, spend time in Nature, and with our journals to plant powerful Spring “soulseeds” that will influence the rest of 2019
This is a creative, FUN, and wonderful way to welcome Spring! I hope you will join me!

photographer Charlene Ray

photographer Charlene Ray

Vision Your Life

A Vision Board Workshop

April 2019

Do you know what a Vision Board is? It’s a way to manifest your dream life, business, and relationships. You get clear about what you want to create in your life and select images and words that you will put on a board. Every day as you look at your vision board, you align your brain with the outcome you most want to attract.

photographer Charlene Ray

photographer Charlene Ray

MAY 2019

Imagine yourself and 7-10 participants on a sacred and intimate journey to connect with the landscape and beauty of Ireland. This journey will focus on moving mindfully and with great reverence as we spend time reflecting and becoming present to the wisdom of the land and the longings of our soul.



Charlene Ray offers counseling services for Grief and Loss, Life Transitions, Nature and Poetry Therapy, and Mindfulness. 

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Living & Dying Quest

You are invited to explore the topics of Living and Dying on a weekend quest at Ekone Ranch in Goldendale, Washington. The magical land is perfect for this powerful work. Learn how this quest can transform the way you live!

Living Dying Quest with Charlene Ray

Custom Quests

Sometimes a program or quest sounds exciting but does not match your schedule, yet you feel ready for the inner work of a quest. Learn more about custom quests that can be designed to meet your unique needs and schedule. Custom quests can be just what you need to get through a stuck place in your life or elevate you to the next level with your personal and professional growth.




Explore Ireland

You are invited to experience Ireland on a 13-day spring journey or in a workshop in an enchanting and ancient garden setting south of Dublin. There are many ways to see Ireland, but none quite like these magical adventures.

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