Kind Words

Charlene is masterful at creating an alchemical container and inviting participants to go as deep as they feel comfortable and/or led. I was changed by my time connecting with the spirits of Ireland. Enchanted by the fae folk? Perhaps. But I came home knowing that I had had a once-in-a-lifetime experience and now had an opportunity to change my life - no big changes, but to begin paying attention to my day-to-day life, to find the magic there, to come into relationship with the plants and the land right here at home.
— Robin Barre, Ireland, 2019

You have been such an important teacher for me throughout the years, and I truly appreciate your wisdom and guidance. You have changed my life so much for the better.
— Taryn, Passage Camp Participant, 2015-2018

You are such a bright, healing presence, and you make me feel more safe and at home every time I hear you speak. Thank you for making me feel so loved.
— Neah, Passage Camp Participant, 2016-2018

I discovered the Poetic Path of Grief Workshop with Charlene just after my mom passed away. The poetry and nature we brought into our support circle for the workshop helped me to understand my feelings from a deep and meaningful perspective. I continued to work with Charlene after the grief workshop and have learned a way to honor my mother through my life work and find a way for my mother to live through my life experiences. Charlene helped me to be empowered to take big steps in my life and still feel guided by my mother.
— Elisabeth David, workshop participant and client

Ireland has me by the heart. What a magical trip – filled with great people, deep quiet, majestic trees, ancient sites, old wells, storytelling and sweetness. So much green! Thank you, Charlene, for crafting such a thoughtful and deep time in this special place.
— Tracy McDaniel, participant, Connecting with the Spirits of Ireland, 2018

Charlene, as Soul Wisdom Guide, created and held a strong beautiful container for some powerful work this weekend. She gently nudged us to come to our edges, compassionately aware of our fears, apprehensions, and concerns. At the same time, she had implicit trust in the Vision Quest and the inherent strength in each of us to go Questing and come back transformed.
— Robin Barre, Living and Dying Quest Participant

I have just returned from one of the most wonderful and powerful experiences I have ever had!
The experience with Charlene was beyond anything I can describe in words, but throughout the weekend, my mind, body and spirit kept singing out – it is well with my soul!
— Sharie Campanella-Williams, Living and Dying Quest Participant

Thanks for putting magic back in my life, Charlene.
— Raelene Eckert, Shamanism and the Spirits of Nature Participant

Words could not begin to describe how much you have affected my path in the last months. Your words of advice and love have helped me to shatter countless fears and walk in undying faith of my path. Your dance has helped me to know my own. Thank you! You are magic.
— Hans Kreuger, Participant, Solo Quest

I highly recommend Charlene Ray as a counselor for anyone wanting to straighten out confusion in their family dynamic. Also, she has clear thinking on the whys and whats and hows in the personal healing process. She guided me out of a dark place and into the light concerning my loved ones. She knows
how to open the door to understanding of one’s self and family which leads to compassion and healing. Charlene holds her clients close to her heart and my experience has been one of trust and a clear path to the process of healing. She does know trauma and grief healing very well. My experience has been extremely positive and I am very grateful.
— A current client, 2018

Charlene magically guided me to something I already knew was a personal
life line. Through sensitive interaction and mindfulness, she gently
created the space for me to connect with the beauty and wonder in the
natural world. This invited me to tap into inner strength and to follow
my own path. She helped me to focus my energy towards nature
connections where I can experience deep appreciation for life which in
turn supports compassion - for myself and others.
— Client, 2018