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Personalized Ireland Itineraries

For as long as I can remember I have loved Ireland. I grew up in Chicago where I enjoyed friends and neighbors of Irish descent. A childhood friend Maureen lived across the street and I loved being exposed to the music, dance, food and stories that her family shared. I always knew that one day I would visit Ireland to see what this pull was all about.

In 2007 I visited Ireland on a spiritual journey; it changed my life forever. I remember seeing the green rolling hills for the first time as the plane approached Dublin; tears streamed down my face. As soon as my feet hit the soil, I knew I was home.

Now, I visit as often as I can holding workshops and retreats there at least a few times per year. Because this country is so very near and dear to my heart and because I know it so intimately, I developed a program designed to share with you my experience of this beautiful land while creating a personalized itinerary for “your” next visit.

The Grassy Green Landscape of Ireland through the Eyes and Heart of a Soul Wisdom Guide

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What you can expect:

First, you’ll fill out a brief questionnaire so that I can learn more about you and what you hope to experience when you travel to the Emerald Isle. Because it is the countryside that holds magic for me, I would strongly encourage you to plan your trip around the natural beauty of Ireland: lakes, forests, mountain views. … the sea. 

Next, we’ll meet on the phone or on Skype [perhaps in a cafe if you live locally] and we’ll plan your itinerary in the most delightful way. We’ll look at a map and I’ll show you some of my favorite locations. If you have a love of literature I will probably suggest you visit County Sligo in northwestern Ireland. It’s known for the legacy of local poet W.B. Yeats, whose grave is in a cemetery in Drumcliff. As you walk the forests of Hazelwood along Lough Gill, you’ll see how the trees, the swans, and the light inspired his poetry and his writing.

Then, I will create a personalized PDF guide that you can share with your loved ones and take with you when you travel.

After that, you’ll embark on your adventure knowing that when you return, I’ll be ready and waiting for our follow-up call/visit where we’ll talk and laugh, nod heads and tell stories knowing that we’ll so be ready to plan “your” next trip.

Investment to be determined by the length of your stay!