Breaking Open Part Two

Open to Healing

Open to Healing

Sometimes breaking open comes from another person’s vulnerability, their willingness to be real and raw in my presence. As I look into their eyes and watch the defenses that we put up as humans dissolve and their light shine forth, I can feel the tug in my heart. I can feel the breaking of the wall, the great shift that makes tears well up in my eyes and often tumble down my face… often gently and occasionally with deep sobs…

I love and hate the feeling of breaking open. It feels so scary at first, like it might consume me, but then it eases into something beautiful as my heart softens and allows the love to flow.

Loving hurts more often than I would like to admit. I always thought it would be easy…

For myself, something has happened since my surgery in late March 2016… I let go of half my thyroid and with it, so many patterns and so much of the false protection that guarded me from breaking open. Since then I have allowed my soul to connect more deeply with others and with the world than it ever has before.

I am afraid of being hurt, I don’t like the feeling, yet I can’t bear the thought of not risking my soul to connect as deeply as possible with those I love.