Welcome! I’m so glad you’re here. If I could sum up my work in just a few words it would sound something like this: I am here to infuse my counseling practice with magic, wonder and awe. If you are needing a therapist or guide, yet hesitant to engage in the more traditional forms — talk therapy, analysis, cognitive behavioral therapy, etc. — you’re in the right place. My practice is guided by spirit, steeped in the natural world and deeply intuitive. Here are some of the ways we might work together.


Grief and Loss


At some point in everyone’s life, there will be grief or a loss of some kind. There is the grief we experience after the death of a loved one. This can be a parent, a child, a beloved soulmate, a friend or a spouse. Even the loss of a dear animal companion leaves an indelible mark on our souls. Each one of these deaths creates a unique experience of grief and requires its very own pathway. Grief can also be complicated by trauma or complications surrounding the death. These losses can be devastating, the burden too difficult to carry on our own.

I have many years of experience using gentle companionship, education, poetry and mindfulness to provide a healing and supportive environment for your pain.

Moving “toward” your grief may be one of the hardest things you’ll ever do. You don’t ever “get over” grief. Contrary to what others might tell you [or want for you], in time, you will find solace as the grief finds its rightful place within you.

Trust me. You will heal and find a new rhythm with grief as a gentle companion.

Also in the course of your life, you may experience the loss of a job, a relationship, a home, friendships and other losses that upend your life and cause it to change. It’s times like these that you’ll want the support of a grief counselor, a compassionate guide at your side.

Grief counseling can give you hope in times of despair and pain. I’d like to accompany you on this grief walk so that you feel supported and learn to trust that healing is, indeed, possible. Grief is not meant to be experienced alone.

If this sounds like something you’d like to explore, let’s connect.

 Life Transitions


Transitions take place in many forms. More and more of us are facing uncertainty in our jobs and family lives. Most of us neglect to prepare for these in-between times:

•    Divorce
•    Career change
•    Illness
•    Empty nest
•    Relocation

These periods of uncertainty can be fraught with anxiety, grief — sometimes even the whisper of depression. I will show you how to greet them with imagination and wonder so that you can embrace the struggle and approach transition as you would an adventure.

If you are feeling anxious or uncertain about a particular life change in a world that feels increasingly complex, I’m here to help. My favorite tool in this aspect of my practice is mindfulness. Mindfulness is a deep awareness of the present moment without judgement. It means allowing and accepting all thoughts and all feelings. I know that the word mindfulness sounds almost cliché, but it has helped many of my clients embrace uncertainty, let go of cumbersome safety nets and leap through transitions with a wide-open heart.

Shall we tackle one of those transitions together? Let’s connect to see if we’re a good fit.

Nature and Poetry Therapy

90-MINUTE nature therapy SESSIONS $185

I view nature and poetry as the best “co-therapists” ever. Healing can happen more quickly and more profoundly while walking through a forest, sitting by the sea, digging in a garden, or writing in the arms of a tree.

I am happy to schedule outdoor nature therapy sessions with you where we can walk … and talk. I might even give you a nature task to complete. Afterwards, we’ll discuss that experience seated in a patch of grass or on a rocky ledge by the sea.

These sessions tend to be a little longer than my office visits to give us time to be really present and to listen to the magic and wisdom of Nature.

Nature tasks and spending time outdoors simply listening to birdsong may very well be your “homework” between sessions, even when you see me for an office visit.

If you are a lover of words, you already know the power of a properly placed poem. Much of my work involves poetry. I have learned that this symbolic language can strike a chord deep in the soul and bring forward much needed tears or words that would be difficult to access in any other way. Some of my poetry therapy involves writing poems, but only if that comes naturally or somehow emerges in the process.

Often a poem illuminates something you are feeling, clarifies a question or gives you something to think about before our next session. I’d love to introduce you to the power of poetry as healing agent.

If you are feeling stuck, nature and poetry may be just the companions you need. Shall we schedule a call to discuss? 


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