Brigid’s Healing

Honoring the Goddess and Reclaiming Feminine Wisdom

Glendalough Hotel
Wicklow, Ireland

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Open to the Magic and Wisdom that Lies Within You


Brigid [Brighid], the Mother Goddess of Ireland, is also known as an Irish Triple Goddess. Her realms were many [Goddess of Inspiration, Healing, Blacksmithing, Agriculture, Fertility, Poetry, Wisdom and Fire]. We’ll draw on the essence of Brigid as we celebrate her feast day with poetry, sacred water, fire wisdom and plant medicine.

Brigid’s feast day is the first of February; it marks the reawakening of nature within the cold earth and is linked to the Celtic festival of Imbolc, heralding the return of spring. Celts acknowledged her on this day as the day that signaled an escape from darkness.

To celebrate this emergence, Charlene Ray and Rosaleen Durkin will guide you on a journey to explore the gifts of Brigid and the feminine wisdom that is returning to the world at this time. As the days grow longer we are called to celebrate the magical realms of inspiration, renewal, and growth. Brigid is the divine spark of life that stirs us into awakening from deep slumber.

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With Brigid as our guide, we will gather in the morning for stories of the goddess. Then, you will be invited to spend time in silent reflection in the beautiful setting of Glendalough. After that, we’ll gather round a crackling fire and share our experiences in an intimate circle. Through guided imagery and collage you will be invited to bring forth your own unique magic as we move toward spring awakening.

Coffee, tea and snacks will be provided. Please bring your own lunch or purchase it at the hotel.


Prepare for your trip

After you register you will receive reflection questions that will help you prepare for the workshop. Please bring a water bottle, a journal, a few pens or pencils, some good walking shoes and warm clothes/rain gear for our time in nature. You may wish to collect a few magazines and/or images for the collage process. Other art supplies will be provided.

We will create an altar for Brigid. Please bring an object for this altar that has meaning for you. Think inspiration, healing, fertility, poetry, wisdom, fire, the warmth and safety of home and hearth. Try not to “over” think this; often your object will find YOU.

Are you ready?